Tuesday, 22 March 2016

black & white session 2
- existing vs new infrastructure model -

black & white sessions 1
- clay models -

A photo analysis of clay models exploring the shapes 
and shadows created by the clay furnaces and pots 
built by the iron and copper smelters of the Basotho tribes. 


Des Baker 

Land Art Project - Rhino poaching awareness project

Design Indaba - Construction of Stand 2013
From Pretoria to Cape Town

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Architecture School

4th projects 2012
 A short overview of some of my work done during my studies at TUT. 

Des Baker Project 2012

This project is a conceptual and theoretical investigation of how the architect creates and envisions a future space. Unfortunately these spaces or buildings sometimes end up as urban wastelands. This project sets the stage where the user enters the architects dream and design process of puzzling the ideas together. The design proposal presents the re-scripting of urban wasteland of lost spaces between buildings. 

The concept was inspired by the motion picture Inception, where the architect creates the dream world. Similar when designing a building, the architect creates spaces and in this dreamscape imaginations how users will occupy and use the space. 
The aim is for the architects dream to become a reality. 

Joint winners - Rhode Kasselman & me

concept video 

Land Art Project - Rhino Installation
with Rhode Kasselman & Chironne Moller 

Land art project with guest lecture and landscape 
artist Strijdom van der Merwe. 

Writers Retreat 

Description: A writers retreat for Zakes Mda situated in Kwazulu Natal. The objective was to create a quite and secluded space where the client can enjoy the outdoors and his passion for astronomy. The aim of the project was to design a flexible retreat that embraces the local landscape. The conceptual adjustable roof system allows shade during the day and opens up to landscape and during the night privacy indoors and opens up towards the night sky. 


karoo sunset

pretoria sunset

pretoria sunset
rocking the dasies

Beaufort west

abstract city lights

golden sunset on the N1

Beaufort west at night

Kleinmond mountains after the rain

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Melrose arch